Wake Aquatic Partners

Setting The Standard For Swim Clubs.

Placing guest experience and safety above all else, we hold our team members to a unique set of fundamentals that creates a premier experience within your facility.

Our Core Values

When you choose to work with Wake Aquatic Partners, you aren't receiving just any other pool management service, but instead a strategic partner. Our core values focus on the guests to create a unique experience found nowhere else.

Guest Safety

Our team members undergo unique & extensive training to prepare them for all situations.

Facility Focus

Team members meticulously maintain facility grounds, ensuring a clean and enjoyable experience.

Guest Experience

High-class service and unique programs ensure the highest satisfaction among guests.

Water Quality

We operate our pools to be guest-ready 24/7 with daily cleaning and thorough maintenance schedules.

About US

Founded By Experienced Lifeguards

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team knows the best way to run and organize facilities of any size. Our unique management staff is composed of EMTs, Lifeguard Instructors, Certified Pool Operators, and Firefighters, creating an extremely knowledgeable team.

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Looking For Exceptional Team Members

We strive to create a dynamic work environment where you feel valued and confident in your ability to provide care. Our unique training program with experienced instructors will prepare you for real-world situations.

What Our Guests Say

"As a decade-long member, what I've observed and appreciate about Brandon King is the dedication he brings to ensuring exceptional club member experience. As an aquatic professional, Brandon is committed to lifeguard management, facility operations and public safety. I spoke with Brandon about what it takes to become a lifeguard and he shared the rigorous step-by-step training, conditioning, and process involved. It is reassuring and gives me the piece-of-mind that my family and community is in good hands. Brandon King and his team will provide the same level of commitment and dedication to your business."
Davion Cross
Granite Falls Member
“I would like to recommend Brandon and his team concerning aquatics in an overall sense. Whether in terms of pool safety, maintenance, or the daily tasks associated with running it, Brandon and his team are more than capable of providing a safe, quality, service-minded pool environment. Brandon has been serving our local pool since he was fifteen, and I‘ve seen him go from one of the lifeguards, to running the complete day-to-day outdoor pool activities. One of my daughters became a lifeguard there and worked through college as part of his team, and my current 14-year-old plans to be a lifeguard next year. Brandon has a strong work ethic and strives for perfection in all he does. I am honored to offer this recommendation and wish Wake Aquatic Partners huge success in the future.”
William R
Club Member
"I've seen Brandon King in action for a long time at the pool. He’s worked his way up to pool management by being extremely professional, having a great work ethic, and being very friendly to everyone he comes in contact with. I have observed the people that Brandon has served, and they’re all very trusting of him. He takes initiative in everything that needs to be accomplished daily and does not skip any details. I am thoroughly grateful for the employee/customer relationship that Brandon and I have shared over the years!"
Matt V
Club Member
"The Newbill Family can't say enough about how professional, perfect, and personable Wake Aquatic Partners are. Being a family that has five children constantly in and out of the pool, professionals like Brandon King at Wake Aquatic Partners make the environment safe and fun for them. We always know that the lifeguards on duty have been trained to perfection and will never let tragedy/accidents happen. Brandon always walks around and checks on guests, and his lifeguards are always polite and attentive to all members’ needs. You can tell Wake Aquatic Partners has a great foundation on which it was built, and the leadership is especially amazing. Highly recommend this company!"
The Newbill Family
Granite Falls Member