Junior Aquatics

Wake Aquatic Partners is proud to offer adolescents ages 11-14 the opportunity to participate in our Junior Aquatics weekly summer camp program.

Real-world experience in a fun environment.

The Junior Aquatics program allows adolescents (11-14 years old) to gain lifeguarding & swim instruction experience under the guidance of certified instructors. During the program, students learn valuable leadership and problem solving skills that can be taken beyond the water.



Becoming a lifeguard isn't easy, Junior Aquatics prepares students to feel comfortable in and out of the water. Students will learn a multitude of life saving techniques while working alongside certified lifeguards. Many former Junior Aquatics participants now work as full time lifeguards for Wake Aquatic Partners.


Life Skills

Junior Aquatics students are tasked with daily responsibilities which help drive a few key program results such as management experience, improved critical thinking, a heightened sense of responsibility, and collaborating in team-driven environments to name a few.



Junior Aquatics has access to the same equipment our team uses to train and practice with. Instructors train and practice with participants in a safe and controlled environment. They can also expect to utilize the amenities of Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club for free swim and other recreational activities.

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Junior Aquatics 2022