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Wake Aquatic Partners offers industry-leading staffing and pool management services to prioritize guest safety and experience. We’re in the business of people, dedicated to ensuring they feel safe, welcomed, and happy while enjoying our pool facilities. When you choose to work with Wake Aquatic Partners, you aren’t receiving just pool management service, but instead a strategic partner with over 100 years of combined experience.

Our Lifeguard Instructors are comprised of experienced EMTs and Firefighters. Our training programs have been specifically designed to adhere to EMS protocols and ensure all lifeguards receive continual training. To learn more about our proprietary lifeguard training programs, contact our team and we would be happy to share more information with you! Contact us to learn more!

Our attendant training programs are specifically tailored to match your facility’s needs with a special focus on our core value of guest experience and satisfaction. Our unique, custom-made service tracking software documents every part of our attendant’s day, allowing management to access real-time stats about your facility. 

Wake Aquatic Partners Lifeguard and Pool Management in Raleigh & Charlotte North Carolina. Picture of Lifeguards at pool doing training drills. Rolesville, NC

Team Evaluations

At Wake Aquatic Partners, we pride ourselves on exception service. Individual team member audits are covertly conducted for lifeguards, attendants, and pool technicians to assess and grade over 25 related metrics. Those who do not receive adequate scores are subjected to mandatory training prior to working again.

Our Philosophy

We have a strong philosophy to operate as a team. Regardless of their position within our team, whether owner, lifeguard, technician, or attendant, each team member is dedicated to serving you. You will frequently see our management on-site lifeguarding, cleaning, or managing, to ensure exceptional service.

Distinctive Lifeguard training

Wake Aquatic Partners is the only lifeguard training program in Raleigh to provide and require a 5-day in-person lifeguard training course through the Red Cross. Unlike our competitors, none of our lifeguards attend virtual Red Cross courses. We offer year-round training courses and meticulously select top-tier, trained professionals to safeguard your guests’ well-being. In-service training is held monthly to cover updated protocols and review skills. Drills are performed weekly where lifeguard team members are tested on responding, assessing, and providing care to life-threatening situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit an existing facility you manage?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit any of the facilities we currently manage. Witnessing our services in action provides invaluable insight into our approach to pool management and allows you to experience the exceptional level of care and attention to detail we offer. 

We cater to facilities of all sizes, spanning HOA Communities, Waterfront/Lake facilities, Golf Clubs, Fitness Facilities, Municipalities, Swim Clubs, Hotels, and more. Whether your pool holds 20,000 or 200,000 gallons, you can count on us for industry-leading pool management services.

Yes, we do not offer one or two lifeguarded services out of concern for the safety of our guests. If budget constraints are a concern for your facility in this category, we still encourage you to reach out. We may be able to help you find a suitable solution or recommend an alternative company that offers this service.

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