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Access to frequently used resources.

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Team Portal

The Wake Aquatic Partners Team Portal contains links to frequently used resources such as incident reports, request forms, the manual time clock, and more. Simply press on the icon you would like to go to and it will launch the resource.

One additional aspect of these resources is QR codes, we use QR codes in replacement of physical documents so you can always scan the code to launch the document directly without going to the Quick Links section. QR in codes will be posted in key locations such as the pump room, guard room, etc.

QR Codes

Placed in key locations such as the pump room, guard room, etc. They launch resources such as instructional videos, maintenance requests, etc.

Quick Links

Be sure to bookmark the page as this page is unlisted on our website and only team members have access.

Wake Aquatic Partners

Our Philosophy

At Wake Aquatic Partners we operate as a team, each member plays a valuable role in creating a unique guest experience. Our mission is: 

We strive to create an environment with mutual respect and opportunities for growth. Team members’ feedback and ideas are crucial to our operations and allow us to contiue innovating and improving for our guest.

Mission Statment

Placing guest experience and safety above all else, Wake Aquatic Partners is dedicated to a unique set of fundamentals that creates a premier experience within each facility. Our core values focus on guest safety and experience, meticulous facility upkeep, and maintaining pristine water quality. Beyond this, we ultimately strive to improve the wellbeing of both facility members and our employees, whether at the pool or engaged in their everyday lives. 

Core Values

Our Core Values are centered around creating a luxurious resort-like experience through Guest Safety, Facility Focus, Guest Experience, and Water Quality.

Wake Aquatic Partners

Digital Tools

We use Homebase for scheduling, payroll, team communication, as a time clock, and more. You should have received a link to join Homebase via email or text. If not please contact [email protected] to receive a link.

Once you gain access to your account, Homebase will walk you through all the necessary onboarding steps. One important step is reviewing the employee handbook, which will familiarize you with the various aspects of working for Wake Aquatic Partners.


You will use the Homebase app to view your paystub/schedule, request time off, communicate with the team, and more. Watch the videos below for more info.

Employee Handbook

To ensure our team’s success, it is important that you understand and agree with our operating policies and procedures. View Handbook

Wake Aquatic Partners


At Wake Aquatic Partners we want each team member to feel confident in their ability to respond and act in the event of an emergency. All Wake Aquatic Partners team members will undergo monthly In-Service and receive facility-specific training.

Team members are also expected to perform specific tasks such as bi-hourly chemical checks, backwashing, turning on special feature pumps, dealing with an AFR, operating a two-way radio, etc. We have created a comprehensive video library that looks within each facility and how to complete these tasks.


In-Service is mandatory (and paid), with no exceptions. We expect each team member to attend location-specific training on the EAP and the unique features of that facility.

Video Library

The video library contains general instructional videos that cover generic topics that apply to all of our facilities, and location-specific information such as how to backwash, vacuum, etc. 

Our Team

Welcome to the team!

We like to keep our team connected, engage with us across platforms. Follow us  on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and even LinkedIn. @wakeaquaticpartners (We like to do giveaways.)

Wake Aquatic Partners


Wake Aquatic Partners strives to create a guest experience like no other, this means that we require our team to be in uniform at all times while working. Unlike other pools, we provide you with a tee shirt and hip packs at every facility, we ask that you purchase your respective Dolfin swimsuit and Sonik Blast.

You can purchase additional gear such as extra shirts, hoodies, rain jackets, hats, etc. through our online store. Our team also creates unique merch for giveaways which are posted on Instagram and Tik-Tok so be sure to follow.

Uniform Reqs.

You should always be wearing a hip-pack, whistle, and lifeguard swimsuit while at work. While on stand you are always expected to have your guard tube strap on and the leash in hand. Other tools such as two-way radios depend on your facility.

Online Store

Our online store is mixed with made-to-order and in-stock products, if you order an in-stock product a team member will deliver it to your facility. If you order a made-to-order product ship the product directly to your home address.